Dec 26, 2008

How imagination shapes reality

Have you ever experienced imagination take over your reality? Have you ever imagined something in so much detail that at the end of it you weren't sure if that event actually occurred or was a figment of your imagination. Children love to imagine things. It is essential for parents to encourage the thought process and not distract the child with logic or negative comments.
Pablo Picasso said "Everything you can imagine is real."

Our DD was loves playing with her set of colourful blocks. Normally, she just makes some structure with the blocks and then throws it all down. She enjoys watching the way all the blocks fall down on the floor. The mother in me curbs herself from asking her to stop. It would be left for Mum to clear up once the game is over. But fascinated, I watch her eyes as she pushes against it and follows the line of path with a gleam in her eyes.

While we watched from our breakfast table today, she stood at another corner of the room. She put a set of three blocks one beside the other and put one more set of 3 blocks on it looked like three towers...and then we caught her singing...
While we watched her singing, we saw her blowing on to the three tower blocks. It was amusing to see her colourful block candles. She has a long way to go to reach 3....just 22 months old now but I can see her imagination shaping out and forming a reality while she plays with her same old blocks.   

Dec 24, 2008

Photo collage on Photoshop

Gone are the days when memories would be preserved in concrete form in photo albums. The whole business of printing photographs has become obsolete. Most of us have tons of photos taking huge amounts of hard disk space in our laptops and computers. An unfortunate computer crash can lead to a terrible loss of enjoyable memories. For those who still like to get their pictures printed, here is an idea to save you lots of printing. You could make a collage of the best of your pics and get it enlarged for your wallspace in your bedroom. Digital photoframes are also a good option.

Babies and their language

It can be real fun to see two babies talk and interact with each other despite the barriers of language.
Here is a video of my 18month old daughter interacting with a 14 month old friend's daughter.
Watch them interact. baby video

It can be pathbreaking if we got to know what babies think and what they could have said if they learnt to talk the minute they came out of the womb. Here is a farewell gift I designed for our friends.

There are lots of views for parents regarding teaching your baby how to sign. Baby sign language can help avoid lots of frustration for both parents as well as babies.
If you want to learn more about how to do signing with your baby,
click here