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May 2, 2009

My Shichida Testimonial

I’m writing this testimonial to share with others the remarkable progress of my daughter after she joined Shichida at 7 months. Shichida is a school for right brain development which was started by a Japanese person Makato Shichida many many years back. The techniques used has been found to be useful and successful not only in Japan but also in other countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

At 12 months, she knew how to blow, paste stickers, said ‘Happy’ while I was showing her the ‘Feelings’ flashcards. She could also say simple words like ball, fan etc.

At 18 months, she started speaking many words. She knew the phonics song, the different sounds of animals etc.

At 20 months, she started talking sentences, could match and sort shapes, colours, etc.

At 24 months, she could sing the ABCD song and many other nursery rhymes, had letter recognition from A-Z, knew number counting till 15-20, correctly. A friend of mine (another Shichida parent) showed her a bird flashcard and she immediately said ‘Sparrow’. I do many flashcards with her - one category being ‘birds’.

Now, at 25 months, she has good photomemory, ESP, linking memory, loves drawing and singing, can write few letters and knows her opposites : tall-short, heavy-light, and simple addition like : 1+1, 2+1.

Sensei has played a major role by being very supportive and encouraging and making the activities enjoyable leaving a mark of her charming personality. Also, she has inspired me to keep following the program regularly at home.

Thus, I have experienced how a good program like Shichida, positive interaction by a good teacher and regular home practice can help in overall child development. I would recommend Shichida Method to all parents...and no, Shichida hasn't paid me for writing this. :D I am just too pleased with Shichida.

Mar 9, 2009

My Terrible two's temperaments

Its about managing temparaments. The terrible two's phase is on. It is a phase that every toddler goes through. And so is mine.
Here are a few examples.
1. DD got down from the high chair the other day and wanted to lie down on the floor. She doesn't want to drink milk. All mummies who have gone through this exhausting, frustrating and annoying phase, please advise. She doesn't want to eat any food. Everytime there is food infront of her she will throw such tantrums.

2. DD has been sleeping in her own bed since 18 months old. Last week, she was suffering from very high fever. So, I decided to sleep with her to check on her fever from time to time. At 4.30 am in the night, with 102 degree temperature, she decided that she didn't want to sleep on the bed but on a mattress that's on the floor. When lots of coaxing and requesting failed, I decided to enact as if I had fallen asleep on the bed. After a while, she tapped me and said, 'Mumma, I want up bed'. I just smiled and tucked her beside me.

3. She has started telling me, "Mumma, I want pink dress every time i change her". But, I doubt she knows the colour pink, so she doesnt argue whatever colour i put on her.
4. She used to love listening to me sing. Now, as soon as I start singing she says, "Stop!" She wants to sing instead. But, if i show any appreciation for her song by nodding my head or even looking at her, she will again say 'Stop!' and stop singing.
5. 'No' is her most favourite word. Every question will be answered with a 'No'. She has recently mastered saying, "I dont know". So, inspite of her knowing all her alphabets she will just say, "I dont know". A stern look and she will show you the alphabet.
Its funny how children at this stage suddenly become so difficult and start having opinions on just about everything.
Does it get better or worser with time? I wonder...

Feb 11, 2009

The Terrible Two's

Our daughter is now 2 years old. Yes, Ru has officially entered
the terrible two's phase of her life.
...Time flies! And it still seems like yesterday when I held her in my arms with a joyful tear in my eye. She looked back at me...saying, "Mumma, here I am. It's me!" ...and now two years are over.
We took our baby to MegaKidz Midvalley where she played to her heart's content. After returning home, our little lady was overjoyed to see the Birthday cake and the mini golf set and the balloons. We had to do takes and re-takes of the 'blowing the candle' scene. Somehow, the obsession with the candles continue. At 12 midnight she had blown on her blocks yet again while we sang the birthday song.

This time round, she kept singing the Happy Birthday song, didn't let Daddy cut the cake. She wanted to cut it herself. Shows, she is growing older and more independent. And I await with dreaded eyes, the day when my butterfly will learn to fly and fly away.
Here's wishing our darling a very HAPPY 2nd Birthday and MORE EXPERIENCES while GROWING UP!