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May 3, 2011


My daughters' nicknames are Rhu and Jia. Rhu told me that she had mentioned to her transport lady teacher that her nickname is 'Sol'. I was surprised and asked her why she said her nickname was 'Sol' since her nickname was 'Rhu'. She insisted "No, my nickname is 'Sol'". I again said, "No Rhu, your nickname is Rhu."

Who told you your nickname is 'Sol'? "You", she said. That is when it struck me, I had mentioned once that her nickname meant 'Soul'. Lol

Jia means heart in Hindi. Rhu means soul.

Immediately I took out my sketch pens and drew a heart shape and wrote her little sister's name on it "Jia". Inside the heart, I made another heart shape and wrote "Rhu" on it. She then said, "No, Mummy its all wrong. I am the big one, I will be the big heart, Jia will be the small heart (or soul)".

How would you explain 'soul' to a 4 year old?

Mar 10, 2009

Baby Name and Meaning

What is the meaning of my daughter's name: RUHANI

The word ‘Ruhani’ or ‘Roohani’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘Rooh’ or our inner self or soul or ‘Atma’ in Hindi.

Most of us are aware of our body, of the thoughts passing through our mind, and of the world around us. This is called body or physical consciousness. But human beings are more than the body and mind. Our true self is the soul, a conscious entity that inhabits the body.

The soul is the part that enlivens the human body. When the soul leaves the body at the time of death, the body dies. But the soul is immortal. The body exhausts itself whereas its spiritual aspects are always in the everlasting state. We continue to exist even after the demise of our mortal frame. Fortunately, we do not have to wait until our physical end to know our soul.

Spiritual consciousness means becoming aware of the soul and God within us. God is called by many names in various cultures, languages, and religions, but is one and the same and can be found within us. Its essence is eternal, all-consciousness, all love, all peace, and all bliss. Within the soul is wisdom, or self-enlightenment, a love more fulfilling than any in the outer world, a strength and power that can help us overcome any fear, and a connectedness and oneness that knits all life together.

Scientists try to reach truth by exploring materialistic realities, whereas spiritualists attain this truth by exploring spiritual existence. One who adopts this spiritual or inward journey to the cosmic world elevates himself/herself.

It is a path of positive mysticism in which we remain in the world, in our own society, culture, and family and, to the best of our abilities, fulfill our duties and responsibilities but keep developing spiritually.

This is done by attaining the state of spiritual knowledge and by imbibing ‘the spirit of self enlightenment’ through constant self-introspection or in other words by being ‘Ruhani’.

‘Ruhani’ thus means ‘The Spirit of Self-Enlightenment’. It is also associated to the following meanings: ‘True spirit’ / ‘Blissful Soul’ / ‘Spiritual Being’.

Jun 20, 2008

Baby Names

Here are a few baby names that caught my attention:
(in alphabetic order)

Arihant=Lord Shiva's name

or Arav (Sanskrit) means melodious / good sound / music.
Aalap = Musical
Anay=one of Lord Vishnu's names. It means - "One who needs no leader"
Ayaan= Gift of God
Chittesh = Ruler Of Mind
Krtin = A Sanskrit word having 14 meanings: Active, Skillful, Expert, Clever, Pure, Pious, Satisfied, Happy, Successful, Lucky, Wise, Learned, Virtuous, Blessed
Nishith = Night
Nirbhik = fearless

Raunav = One who embodies grace and charm, i.e. handsome.
Reyansh='part of sun ray'

Srijan = Creation
Shaunak =Wise
Sanshray =Aim



Aadya-The beginning
Arista= It is a Greeco Sanskrit name - means "The Best" in Greek. It is another name of Goddess Durga in Sanskrit.
Also means - the bestower of health n happiness.

Archisha=Ray of Light
Ashna= Friend or Beloved
Iniya=Sweet (in Tamil)
Ishi=Goddess Durga
Prarthana =Prayer

Samara=Guarded/protected by God

Timila= one of the panch vadya(musical instrument) in sanskrit

Do share interesting names that you have heard.