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Jul 12, 2011

Learning Music

Here's some good news I would cherish all my life. Hence thought of adding it to my blog.

DD won her first trophy in violin (1st Prize) at Talent Time 2011. This is an annual event in the school's 3 branches. Children are categorized according to their level. There were about 12-14 children in Beginner level and she was amongst the youngest, i think, at 4 years. (This was her 3rd Violin Performance, first two were only talent sharing, more of exposure on stage within the music school).

She was soo excited with the trophy she didnt want to leave it for one moment, and also displayed it on the table in the restaurant later which we finally pursuaded to put away (coz others could take it). Thanks to my parents for the timely gift of the lovely dress bought from India.

Still a long way to go. Mummy is very happy and proud of her and hopes she loves her musical journey all the way.

Here is the video of her performance at Talent Time 2011

Rhu's violin performance video

Some snaps before leaving home and some during the prize distribution...

Feb 21, 2009

A heart full of music

As a child, we used to eat, sit, sleep MUSIC. Music was an inevitable part of our life that we couldnt live without. I am glad that my daughter has the heart for music and can feel the pulse of beats and rhythms.
Here is a video of how she enjoyed a Bollywood song while she was a baby.

Now she has started to sing and adding in her own words in her self - created songs. Sometimes the song are to the tunes of 'Twinkle twinkle' or 'Are you sleeping' but the words are her own, and sometimes the words and tunes are entirely her own creation.
One day, she was singing a tune of her own with words of her own while we listened to her in the car. I asked her what song she was singing at the end of the song and she immediately replied that it was the 'Lion' Song.

One more song that she has created goes something like this...
Happy Happy there there there,
Happy Happy there there there.
This is to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. :D

Then there is one more she sings...
"Are you ready?, Are you ready?, Yes I am, Yes I am" to the tunes of 'Are you sleeping? Are you Sleeping Brother John?'

While I write this post, she sits here near me and sings...
"There's a cat, There's a cat,
In a house, In a house."

We also have a friend whose child used to show similar traits, you give him a word and he could make a song out of it instantly.
For example: Over the breakfast table, he sang a song about 'chilli', 'bus' and 'sun' each a separate one. We were amazed.

If you look deeper into each of these examples, you will find that children are capable of taking one format, for example: a tune, a word, a sentence, a poetic structure or a storyline and replacing it with different the Twinkle Twinkle tune becomes a common structure to which different sets of words create a different song instantly.

Will it be called 'Creativity' or will it be called 'Copying'? What do u think? Let me know.