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Mar 5, 2009

Learn 3D shapes creatively

Education can lose all its charm if it remains confided to the textbooks. Education is finding meanings of learnings of textual matter in real life.
My daughter loves the Shapes song in Richard Scarry's Best Learning Songs Video Ever CD
The song goes something like this.

Shapes Shapes all around, so many shapes in busy town.
If you look then you can find, lots of shapes of many kind.

This she keeps singing continuously. I had forgotten to blog about this small incident I remembered again today. One of our relatives had come to our house about 2 months back. I served a piece of cake. My daughter (who stays far away from food, when it comes to eating) looked at it and said in an excited voice, "Mumma, Look, Triangle" I was so impressed. She had learnt the circle shape long back. She would show me the rubber band and say 'Circle'.

My just turned 5 year old second DD got a message written in her diary by her teacher saying she had spoken about the pyramid while they introduced the topic of 3D shapes. She said "Mummies stay in Pyramids and Pyramids are in Egypt".