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Feb 23, 2009

Development of Verbal Skills

The typical toddler's brains are like sponges. They pick up information from every little source here and there. You get to see sudden reflections of those in their developments. Every little new word picked up brings them closer to their next milestone.
Yesterday, we went to an Indoor Games Fun Event organized by Bharat Club. My hubby played table tennis and I played carrom. He also joined in for carrom doubles later on.

While DD sat near me watching the first carrom of her life, the striker hit the center and she cried out, "IT BURST", "IT BURST" with a glimmer in her eyes.

I was so surprised. Where on earth could she have heard the word 'burst'? After a thought I related the word 'burst' to 'bursting of balloons'. Perhaps, the toddler mind had somehow related the word 'burst' with 'sudden loud sound', made from balloons or elsewhere. The human brain is capable of making these associations about words inspite of not knowing the meaning. Isn't it interesting?

Dec 24, 2008

Babies and their language

It can be real fun to see two babies talk and interact with each other despite the barriers of language.
Here is a video of my 18month old daughter interacting with a 14 month old friend's daughter.
Watch them interact. baby video

It can be pathbreaking if we got to know what babies think and what they could have said if they learnt to talk the minute they came out of the womb. Here is a farewell gift I designed for our friends.

There are lots of views for parents regarding teaching your baby how to sign. Baby sign language can help avoid lots of frustration for both parents as well as babies.
If you want to learn more about how to do signing with your baby,
click here

Nov 13, 2008

Building Language Associations

While the Olympics was going on, our toddler saw the swimming championship happening on TV and pointed to the TV screen with excitement, "Fish! Fish!" We were soo amused. We told her that it was an 'Uncle' in the water.

Associating 'water' with 'fish' was the first learning for our child. Associating 'people' with 'water' is another learning. Now, she knows that boats, submarines, etc can also swim/float in water....not just 'fish'.

Next, she needs to learn that 'not all things' can swim.