Dec 29, 2009

Family Portraits

While I cooked in the kitchen, DD brought out her favorite doodle set gifted by her Uncle who stays in USA and told me that she wanted to draw the baby. The curious 'me', immediately dropped the ladle to catch a glimpse of our 'to-be-born' baby and this is what she drew.
Then, Mummy said, "Now can you draw Mummy and the baby?"
She said, "No, first I will draw Baba (Daddy)".
Mummy said, "Ok, you draw Baba first". Here's how Baba looks like.

Then, Mummy said, "How about drawing Mumma now?" (hoping to see a fat-fat preggy me)

"No. Now I will draw ME."
"Ok!," said Mummy. "It's my turn now".

"Ok!" She said....
....and this is how Mummy looks like...

Poor Mummy!!! Cheeky Monkey!

Dec 17, 2009

At Peace with Pastels!

Daddy's again having his spurt of creativity. This time its with pastel colours. Daddy just loves immersing himself in his world of solitude on some of those wonderful weekends bringing 'life' to blank paper. Ruhani too loves these times with Daddy trying her hand (with pastel rubbed all over her hands, dress and also on paper).

Here are some of Ruhani and Daddy's creations. While the duo are at work, the 'heavily preggy Mommy' (who else but me) relaxes on the sofa. The music in the background fills the air. The heart fills with pride. The hours pass and the seldom found 'silence' in the house is again lost in oblivion. Enjoy the pictures of Ruhani followed by her Daddy.

Dec 6, 2009


An artist uses his imagination to paint vivid pictures with his or her brush strokes. An author sketches the same out in words. When you read a book you are transported in an era where the author has decided to take you whether it is the dinosaur age, the modern times on Earth or on the Maritian land.

Nowadays children are too busy going from class to class trying to acquire various qualities that will boost their persona. Most parents forget that a child needs to play to be creative. Let your child play as much as they can.
Take your brain on a rollercoaster ride.

 DD's latest fascination has been aligning up shoes and socks to make a rollercoaster. She had recently seen the rollercoaster at Times Square. Since then, shoes and socks are taken out often inviting Mummy and Baba to sit in her rollercoaster. Anyone interested in a rollercoaster ride, just jump in.

A free mind loves to indulge in creativity. Watch your child as he merrily spins his own pretend games and plays to let his or her imagination soar.