Aug 20, 2010

Reading phonics

While I was busy with my 7 month old, I gave my 3.5 year old active young girl, DD a big chart paper and pencils, primarily to keep her quiet while I attended to the needs of the baby. DD as I had rightly guessed got engrossed in creating her masterpiece. After a while when I happened to see her finished work lying unnoticed on the table, I was partly surprised and also happy to see the improvement in her drawing. Her earlier drawings used to be focussed on a the face. Now, her drawings are beginning to include hands and legs and look more like a 'homo sapien'. It goes on to show the development in her observation skills.

Here is what she made. I appreciated her drawing and asked her whom she had made and she said the drawing was of her friend 'Titli'. Titli was a friend from India who had come to stay in Malaysia for a short while (returned to India now) and both had become quite pally with one another. No doubt she misses her dear friend while Mummy misses chatting with her mummy too.

To appreciate her effort I put it up on her room door and was watching it when an idea struck me. I brought out my set of empty stickers, called DD. I kept pointing at each and every element in her drawing and together we spelled out the name of the parts and wrote them letter by letter and stuck them to the chart paper. It was something very involving and fun for DD while she brushed up on her phonic skills....unknowingly.