Nov 27, 2009

Honesty is the best policy

Its not uncommon for parents to commit mistakes. And when they do, its quite amusing when your little one points it out to you on your face. Our daughter had been reprimanded a few times for having tried out her drawing skills on this very wall.

The other day, daddy tried throwing an object on the wall which said it had vanishing ink, but the ink didnt vanish and left a mark on the the greatest annoyance of Mummy.

DD (already knows the answer coz she has asked it several times now): Mumma, Who did that?
Mumma: Baba did it.
DD (shaking her head in disapproval) : Oh Baba! He is very very naughty. (lol)
Mumma (pondering later): A mistake is a mistake is a mistake. Its better to admit it truthfully if I want her to be truthful too later.

Nov 10, 2009

Painting personalized cards

Occasions like birthdays are the best time for children to shower their love. What better to say it with when one can use one's own hard work and creativity to make something that is truly their own.

The world's most exciting achievement for my daughter is having a 'Birthday' - Cutting the cake, blowing the candles, getting birthday cards and recieving presents, something we adults also enjoy. DD hums the popular birthday song on Playhouse Disney Channel about Birthdays being 'special' with birthday parties, birthday cakes. "We love birthdays. Have a happy special, wonderful, magical Playhouse Disney Birthday".

Goes without saying that Baba's darling wanted to make Baba's Birthday 'special' too.
She insisted that we buy a cake and birthday card for Papa. So, I bought a cake while hubby was in office and a card from my side. She of course blew one side of the candles before Baba could blow them out.

As for the card, we decided to make it at home. I sat the earlier evening to help her make a birthday card for Papa.

She loves playing with watercolours. So, she readily agreed when I asked her if she wanted to paint a card for Baba. I decided to keep the water away so she doesnt destroy her painting by flooding it with water. She enjoyed opening the tubes, dabbling some paint on to the brush and putting it on paper. She would not let me touch her brush though. So, I let her do whatever she wanted on it. I asked her to make a 'sun' in the beginning but it turned out, she wanted to make 'Baba'.

And wasn't Baba pleased? Sure he was.

That's 'Baba' and 'DD' enjoying their dinner date together to celebrate the happy and special day.