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Apr 5, 2009

Identifying Shapes

My daughter's favourite song on Shapes is 'Shapes shapes all around so many shapes in busy town, If you look then you can find lots of shapes of many kind'.

While having her piece of cucumber she suddenly pointed out with excitement, "See, Moon. See crescent". Before i could take out the camera to take the photo she had already taken another bite.

Feb 18, 2009

Future of Childrens' Creativity

Are kids born creative? Do young creative souls lose their creative spirit and talent when they enter school? Does the word 'creativity' in school have to be restricted to a period of 'Art & crafts'? The education process is still very structured and caters to the needs of the society. There is no room for originality. We have learnt and re-learnt that there can only be one answer to a question. Any answer besides the desired answer will demark your child as a child with a 'learning difficulty'.

The recent Hindi Bollywood blockbuster Taare Zameen Par where an artistic boy loses his concentration and spirit of learning via formal education and is misunderstood by all including his parents and sent to a hostel labelled as a dyslexic child shows that society is not ready yet for creative talent. We can only fantasize of a society that is receptive to such children as the kid 'Ishaan' in the movie. (By the way, my younger brother's son who was born a few months back has also been named Ishaan and I wish him a creative journey for life like the boy in the movie.)

Formal education demands you to deliver like pre-programmed stereotyped machines. Is any child on the offbeat track heading for trouble. Yet, one can see the need for individuals with abilities for innovative problem solving abilities who have an edge over the others when a problem arises, due to his/her innovative way of looking at the problem in a job scenario.

Building on a child's creative genius requires an open mind that is ready and brave enough to beat the system. But will it leave a child directionless and confused? I think there is a great need for some experimental schools for nurturing creativity and the creative way of thinking. Until then, I hope as a mother that we can make a difference to our child's lives by keeping the creative flame burning despite the challenges of a rigid and structured formal education system.

Do take a look at this enlightening video by Sir Ken Robinson. It’s a little long but not to be missed. He’s funny, making you laugh while bringing in the importance of being creative! Also, contribute your thoughts. I am concerned. Are you? - INTERESTING VIDEO

Jun 19, 2008

Building Bridges Between Two Unrelated Ideas!

Two unrelated objects or scenes can be joined together to create a meaning. It is the way one builds associations that brings creative harmony.

Here is a video that brings the thought across: