Dec 19, 2011

Writing opportunities for your child

Writing is a means of communication. As soon as your child is able to write words, encourage your child to use a pencil or crayon to write or draw. It could be as simple as writing Mummy, Daddy and drawing pictures or writing the names of everyone in the family. Writing is a means of expression. It is a way for children to express their inner feelings and wishes.

DD wrote her first letter to Santa tonight while Mom wondered what she wanted from Santa. Glad to see she can write sentences now. Had to tell her to add the silent 'e' in come and remind her that Santa begins with a capital S and also the 'ea' in please. Was a good writing exercise for her, after the 23 cards she made for her friends and teachers at school for Christmas. Unfortunately didnt remember to keep a copy of it.

Thought her first card to Santa was very precious and want to keep it in my memory bank as long as possible.

It reads...(Sorry about the handwriting)...
Come Santa come,
Santa please come,
Santa I want present
From DD

Gold Crown (the crown must be her size) she specified and not for Barbie.
Below she has written to Mom and Dad (Does that mean Mom and Dad have to do the job???)